A Typical Day

"Older children are fully prepared for their move into the school environment because nursery staff ensure that they are confident and fully prepared; intellectually, socially and emotionally" - Ofsted inspector

View our nursery's Ofsted Report (June 2022) here.

The Teddy Bears Inn Day Nursery, Peterborough

8am - 9am: Breakfast

Toast with butter, cereals, fresh milk, juice and drinking water – served hot as children arrive, or they can find a friend, settle in and play before they come to the table.

‘As soon as he walks through the door he goes straight to the table and sits down and waits for his toast and milk.’

All Day: Free-flow Play

Children have full access to both indoor and outdoor activities – wherever possible. Both environments allow the children to access all areas of the early years outcomes.

10am and 2pm: ‘Rolling’ Snack Times

Children are encouraged to have a snack at the table together, but are able to carry on with their learning activity until they’ve finished before they join the others. Snacks are prepared by the pre-school children who chop cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers to share with everyone.

All Day: A tidy and safe environment

All the children are encouraged to tidy up after themselves throughout the day, with adult support. This creates a safe playing environment and helps children take responsibility for putting away the toys.

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