Learning Through Play

"The staff place strong emphasis on children’s emotional well-being from the outset" - Ofsted inspector

View our nursery's Ofsted Report (June 2022) here.

The Teddy Bears Inn Day Nursery, Peterborough

We pride ourselves on providing a stimulating free-flow play environment for all our children to enjoy and achieve the seven Early Years Foundation Stage learning areas.

Children can choose from an array of different learning to suit each age range including...

  • Sand with little buckets, measuring jugs and toys
  • Water table with measuring jugs, bowls and toys
  • Role-play, e.g., kitchen, washing machines, dishwasher
  • Dressing-up rail
  • Modelling
  • Building bricks (an array of architecture)
  • Trains
  • Mainly wooden toys
  • Painting
  • Drawing
  • New activity outdoor play
  • An educational garden to grow vegetables and herbs
  • Observing and exploring nature outside

The nursery's environment is designed to provide open ended learning opportunities so children can fulfil their full potential.

Drinking water is always available for children to help themselves and are encouraged to keep hydrated.

The Teddy Bears Inn Day Nursery Ltd.

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