Homemade Food

"Meal times are now social occasions, where children learn good manners" - Ofsted inspector

View our nursery's Ofsted Report (June 2022) here.

Moor Farm

We buy our meat from a local farm shop, Moor Farm. The children also enjoy regular visits to the farm getting to feed the animals and ride on the tractor trailer.

Locally sourced fruit and vegetables

Every Monday we have a fresh delivery of locally sourced fruit and vegetables.

Individual needs

We are happy to cater for a wide range of individual dieting needs whether this is religious or moral beliefs or down to allergies.


Food is prepared on site in our 5 star-rated kitchen by staff that have their food hygiene certification. The menus are well balanced and are of a five-week rotation system. We are careful to add flavour using herbs, spices and fresh ingredients rather than adding salt and sugar. Children get to learn about what they eat by growing some themselves.

Homemade, fresh and free range - an example from our menu

Breakfast (07:30-09:00):

  • A selection of cereals and toast for breakfast with fresh juice, fresh milk or drinking water

Dinner (12:00):

  • Homemade meatballs in a tomato sauce with boiled rice
  • Pear and apple crumble
  • Fresh drinking water

Snack (10:00 and 14:00)

  • Freshly chopped peppers, carrot and cucumber sticks with fresh milk or drinking water

Tea (16:00)

  • Baked potato and grated cheese with fresh drinking water
  • Sliced pineapple

All pricing is fully inclusive of food including all of our flexible schemes and 2/3/4 year-old funded-only places.

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