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"Positive behaviour is highly evident and children happily play together. Staff are good role models, providing a calm and caring environment" - Ofsted inspector

View our nursery's Ofsted Report (June 2022) here.


The nursery has a gated entrance with a secure intercom system and CCTV system throughout. We keep the front door constantly locked. We can see all visitors before opening the door, and only people approved for picking up children will be allowed in the nursery.

Gated Entrance

We also have a front security gate, which is operated by an intercom buzzer after our parents' peak drop-off time.

Bank holidays

We offer 52-weeks a year care, but we do close on bank holidays.

Green Cleaning Products

We took the decision to buy and use products that are environmentally friendly and extremely safe for children.

Health and Safety

The nursery is up-to-date with all health and safety practice but we run a rolling policy where everyone is responsible for any problems throughout the day and not to walk past any spill or any potential hazard. We are very hands-on and constantly walk throughout the nursery checking on staff and looking for potential hazards.

The Teddy Bears Inn Day Nursery, Peterborough


No child will enter the nursery before a morning clean and health and safety checklist has been completed. We also keep cleaning throughout the day and employ a cleaner to give the nursery a deep-clean at weekends.

Outside Play

At the Teddy Bears Inn, we believe children should have constant access to an outside environment. However, the safety of all children comes first. So, during extreme weather conditions, outside play will only be available when it is safe to do so. We ask parents to provide appropriate 50+ factor suncream but, with your permission, we will apply ours if needed.

Parents Partnership

All staff are available to parents at all times. However, a more formal meeting can be organised.


Children with allergies are catered for. We have taken it upon ourselves to go above and beyond normal nursery practice. We have a picture of all children with allergies in the kitchen and we also operate a laminated table mat system where any child with an allergy will have a red border to highlight any ingredients which needs to be excluded.

Learning Journals

Staff constantly make notes of a child's development and will record it. These folders are always available for parents to read and track children's EYFS progress.

Key Person System

At the nursery, we deliver a Key Person system. They will be the child's main carer while at the setting and deal with all their needs. They shall also be the main communication between the nursery and the family. This strong relationship is what will help your child settle and feel safe. Happy and secure children learn, develop and thrive.

The Teddy Bears Inn Day Nursery Ltd.

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